nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

New MacBook on the way!

August 2, 2007 11:18 AM

I got a MacBook off of the refurbished section of Apple’s store and it’s scheduled to be delivered by August 4th at the latest according to FedEx but that likely means Monday as the 4th is a Saturday and I didn’t pay for Saturday delivery.

Not the _exact_ one I wanted but it’s close. The specs are 2.16 ghz Core 2 Duo, 1 gig ram, 120 gb hard drive, Superdrive, and in white. I wanted a black one with similar specs but by the time I’d deposited my bonus money it was gone off the refurb section.

I’m waiting for a little while before I order the Final Cut Express HD software as it’s $299+tax/shipping. Can’t wait too long though as money of that quantity seems to get frittered away rather quickly.

Started testing my blood sugar again today and it’s quite normal - as I expected. The last month was an excellent test of being able to tell when my sugar was high without using the meter. I noticed several telltale signs my body was giving me if my blood sugar got a little high. These correlated with the same signs when I tested and found my sugar high. So as usual it comes down to listening to my body. ;-)

Even being as technology oriented a person as I am I don’t want to have to depend on it more than I have to. All technology fails eventually and to depend on it for anything but convenience is foolish. I’m not saying we need to follow the route of the Amish or anything but people certainly need to be much more self-sufficient in the future. Unfortunately the powers-that-be don’t want that as it upsets their little apple cart. If society were left alone to grow properly it wouldn’t be an issue but I can’t see how we can grow with all these boots on our necks.

Not sure where the US is going at this point. We’re still in a country we have no business being in and we’re still being run by greedy corporations and we’re still seeing a rise in a mass of people that are proud that they don’t think.


If at any time cheap space travel was needed it’s now. By the time people wake up to the problems it will be too late to do anything but die. But if some people exist elsewhere than just this rock then we have a chance of fixing what’s broken even after the fact. We need that. Period.

We can’t keep going like this. We can’t. As people think less and less and restrict their dreams to the confines of the television or their daily grind the considerations of the planet no longer enter into their lives. Put bluntly they cease to care and cease to think and this could kill everyone on the globe.

I was listening to WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio) last night and they had people talking about the climate and weather and the drought that is currently plaguing that state. One caller was a professor of environmental sciences (I forget his exact title) at a local university and he reminded people that when the original Global Warming predictions came out that they included both droughts and floods. But when those came out everyone said those two were contradictions.

So what are we having now? Droughts in some areas and floods in others.

We’ve got to get a handle on this if we want to remain living on this planet and since we have no serious space travel that means if we want to remain living AT ALL.

Even now it won’t be a pleasant ride but it’s one we have to take. It’s obviously going to get a lot worse before it gets better....
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