nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

It's the principle of the thing...

August 3, 2007 11:35 AM

Ok. I’m not going to comment much on the LJ takedown of a couple of accounts except to say that a service that prides itself and presents itself as a bastion of free speech should not be yanking accounts without talking to the account holders first at the very least. Give them a chance to take down something that violates the Terms Of Service without yanking their account completely.

I know LJ doesn’t want to be policemen but tough - they have to be because of what they allow and because they don’t have the money to start their own country.

That’s the biggest problem isn’t it...we’re all ruled by the places we live in. There’s truly no place to be “apart from all” on this planet. Yet another reason we need to be in space. Or at the very least have truly free satellite hosts we can put things on to keep free ideas out of the hands of others. (Freenet is a step towards this but it’s hampered by the fact that it needs systems within those countries to host data.)

Considering that flash technology can hold several GIGs of data and considering that private satellite launches are getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper what’s to stop someone from putting their own micro-servers in orbit in a cluster? (Despite the obvious “orbital cluster fuck” joke concerning porn servers that is.) Freenet in space would be a thought. ( Though if you’ve ever used Freenet you’ll know that adding an orbital signal delay to it couldn’t possibly make it any slower. ;-) )

I’m betting that as long as it keeps getting cheaper to put things in orbit there will be more and more enterprising young people putting their own stuff into space. I can think of at least a couple of ways to put a pirate satellite into orbit just off the top of my head. What I can’t figure out is where to beam the signal...

Not that I have the resources to do so right now anyway. And I’m sure the wonderful US gooberment would stop me anyway ‘cause y’know they can’t be ‘havin people gittin all “uppity” on them.

It’s a wonder we have the freedoms we have. The Founding Fathers would cry and scream foul if they knew what the government of this country was doing to it’s people.

There are many better places to live now but for the moment I will stick with this country. I haven’t completely given up hope yet that the people will be able to take back control of the train before it crashes. I’ll help all I can too as will many other people. Soap box, Ballot box, Jury box, Ammo box. To be used in that order the old cliche says. We’re still using soap and ballot when those have proven not to work - we need to start working on Jury because until we convict some of these criminals that infested our government and our businesses nothing will change. Nothing.

Sometimes though that’s hard to do. Sometimes it’s even hard to conceive of doing. It’s a scary thing to fight something much larger than you. Very scary.

To the parents I say this: What if that big scary thing were threatening children? Do you honestly think it’ll stop with other people’s kids before it gets to yours? I wouldn’t bet those odds...

To the husbands/wives I say this: What if that big scary thing were threatening married people? Do you honestly think it’ll stop with other couples before it gets to you?

To the kids I say this: What if that big scary thing is threatening your family and friends? Do you honestly think it’ll only affect other families? Other people’s friends?

To the man on the street I say this: What if that big scary thing won’t be satisfied with all the people above? You’re next.
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