nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

New MacBook! Woot!

August 5, 2007 11:45 AM

FedEx delivered it yesterday (Saturday) which surprised me a little since I didn’t pay for weekend delivery.

Anyway this thing is awesome! It transferred and configured all my stuff in about an hour or so and was up and running with the daily apps I use. This is not without issues though.

For instance an older 3D modeling tool I was learning called BRLCAD no longer works. Not sure how I’m going to fix that but I’ll have to see. Maybe the generic X11/x86 version will work now. (Duh. That’s probably the problem right there.)

And I lost one of my favorite screensavers - an opengl screensaver called Galaxy. It hasn’t been maintained in years and I was able to use xcode to compile it to run on Panther but this time it seems I can’t do that.

Haven’t bought the Final Cut Express for it yet but I’ll probably buy that this coming Friday as I should have enough spare money to do so. Might even spend for an updated iLife if it doesn’t cost too much.

The keyboard is taking a bit of getting used to. It’s a damn nice keyboard but it’s different than the old one so it’s taking a while to feel comfortable with it.

Another program that has thrown me for a loop at the moment is CopyWrite which has lost it’s registration and will not register no matter what I do with it. The support person told me to try repairing permissions but that didn’t help. Still keeps giving me and error that means it’s have a problem with the registration engine. The worst part of this is that it’s my fault. It was working fine but told me that there was an upgraded version. I downloaded and installed the upgraded version, an incremental upgrade not a major one, and suddenly it wouldn’t recognize it’s registration NOR let me re-register it. That’ll teach me to arbitrarily upgrade...

At least MacJournal is working properly. Since I’m now running Tiger I might even run the beta of it as I was running before. The developer really seems on top of this particular app.

Point in fact there’s a lot of software I have that I can now upgrade because I’m running 10.4 instead of 10.3 so I’m probably going to spend a lot of time downloading stuff over the next week or so.

( August 6, 2007 6:22AM - I post to my home webserver THEN replicate to my LJ account - that's why this post sounds a bit strange.)

Went out with a couple of good friends last night and drank some Guiness and talked for a few hours. It was pretty cool. My one friend once again griped about the fact that he can’t make comments on my home webserver. Fine. If you want to make comments Ken then go here:


That’s where my ramblings are replicated and they do allow comments. Blather counter-points to my beliefs and such at will my friend. Enjoy! ;-P

Frankly the only reasons I don’t enable comments here (home webserver) are one because I don’t want some nut posting URLs that contain exploits or the dreaded Goatse and two because I don’t want these pages edited by anyone but me. And to me once you add a comment to a page you are in effect changing the content of that page. Even if someone doesn’t read the comments they know that they exist and thus the page is not what you originally wrote.

So feel free to comment on my LJ account to your heart’s content. Though if LJ continues their attack of fandom they will likely go under due to monetary loss of all the paid fandom accounts. That’s a significant amount of money there and if they all boycott LJ then it’s likely to be very very bad for LJ’s bottom line. A wise shop owner once said “Don’t piss off your customers for they pay your bills.”
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