nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


August 13, 2007 11:12 AM

Got to work on my dad’s bike this weekend and got it started and running and cleaned up a little. Also managed to replace the right-hand switch so his starter works now. (Though I still think his battery is marginal because even after a night of trickle charging it only cranks the motor a few times before significantly dropping in speed. That starter should run for more than long enough to start the bike when cold so either one of two things is wrong - the battery is marginal or the starter is drawing too much current. After all this time either is quite possible.

Watched Babylon 5: The Lost Tales last week and I was both amused and pleasantly surprised. I won’t give any spoilers but I liked the second story better than the first. But as someone in another forum posted “To walk upon the station again was priceless.” I can’t complain and I hope JMS does more of these direct-to-dvd productions. I could easily go for some Technomage stories or some Garibaldi stories or almost anything of that universe again. It’s very dear to me because it was done so well that it inspired dreams and dreams and dreams. Not many television or movie things can do that to me. That realm is usually reserved for books...

I’d like to see JMS get together with David Weber and do the Honor Harrington novels. I’m almost certain that I’m not the first to think about this or suggest it but I’d love to see those. I think that would be a well matched pair of artists and they could paint a canvas that would be stunning. ;-)

The house is still a mess upstairs but my wife is working on it. She’s got a lot to do because it sat this long but she’s making progress. I just have to be patient...

I was looking at a bunch of stuff today and I might buy my Cisco ADSL WIC-1 for my 2610 router before I buy my FCE software for my MacBook. It makes some sort of sense because I really need to stabilize that connection at home and also get my feet wet in the Cisco IOS arena. And there’s nothing better for getting me to learn something than immersion. If I _have_ to do something I’ll likely remember it much better than if I don’t use it every day.

What I hate though is when my family and friends, who know this, use that as an excuse to dump a task on me. “It’s a learning experience.” Yeah. Right. All I’m learning when you do that is to never get involved and to tell you to fuck off when you ask me for favors or try and increase the stuff I have to do.

Anyway I’m probably going to return my dad’s bike to him this week so I can free up the garage space. Depends on if I think it’s done or not.

And speaking of garage space there’s still the matter of the TV to ship to my friend in Florida. I should probably ask about that today while I’m thinking about it. if I have to foam it and ship it myself no big deal but if I can do it all through work so much the better. Regardless it has to go because I’m way behind in cleaning out certain spaces in the garage.

I should probably work on that today when I get home...
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