nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap!

August 15, 2007 11:13 AM

WTF is going on today!?!?!??!?!?!

So far this morning:

My G5 iMac has decided that it’s going to start up then hard-power itself off no matter what’s plugged into it or how long it’s been off.

The 50A fuse in my truck blew this morning causing among other things my backup lights and heater fan not to work.

When I first tried to start my truck this morning everything in it went black. Then the second time it started but everything in it had been reset. The battery shows no signs of being bad and it hasn’t done it again today.

I got to work and one of the CD .iso downloads I’d started yesterday had failed. And I figured out that as slow as things download from Red Hat to our network my CD downloads will run afoul of the time when the internet is shut down at night.

I found that one of the software installations I had to do has to be done as a complete interruption to the entire Engineering department.

One of the desktops has decided that it’s going to boot up to a logon screen but then immediately logoff anybody who tries to sign on without even showing the desktop. No errors it just logs the person back off as soon as they logon. (And I scanned it for errors and virus infections and found nothing.)

My home e-mail server seems to not be sending e-mail to everybody or it’s getting delayed or something.

And to top it all off the top button and clip for my slacks has busted so I look like a total slob.

Some days I wonder why I even consider trying any more...

On a brighter note it’s _possible_ that the iMac repair will be covered under an Apple recall for the power supply but I won’t know until I take it to the Apple Store.

Just as a side note this will likely be the only public post that includes work stuff. I have a personal policy of not talking about work. (It gives the office a hold on what I can and can’t say and I will never submit to that sort of thing except under my own personal choice.)

Finished reading the His Dark Materials trilogy last night. I’m slightly saddened by the ending but it’s a highly entertaining set of books and I recommend them to almost anybody. (Overly religious types will likely not like the story.)

My wife is making progress on her stuff in the house and I’m proud of her for doing so. We’re both still pretty disorganized but it looks like it’s slowly coming together.

So hopefully tomorrow will be better.... I do know one thing - I’m having damn pie today. And fries. And maybe I’ll just sleep when I get home today. Maybe.

Unfortunately it’s quite likely that this day isn’t done with me yet and there will be a myriad of things that are yet to cause me trouble today. I fully expect to not be able to start my truck when I leave the restaurant.

Speaking of which they’re finally getting free wifi there. Yay! No more posting on my 19.2k cell-phone connection when that happens.

A small piece of brightness to the day helps a little because today is wearing awfully thin on me...
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