nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Not as much crap today...

August 16, 2007 11:08 AM

Whew! Don’t know what went on yesterday but things seems to have stabilized for the moment. I was able to get all the stuff done this morning that I needed to get done and so far things haven’t been crapping out like yesterday. I’ll reserve judgment though until the end of the day.

It’s damn frustrating but one of the pieces of software that migrated to the new MacBook won’t re-register. Worse yet it’s the software I was using to work on the webcomic script that I was hoping to get someone to draw. (Provided I can’t find the time to improve my drawing skills enough where I’m happy to draw the comic myself.) The guy said he’d make it right but I haven’t heard from him again yet. I’m hoping he can at least give me a complete uninstall/reinstall procedure. I’ll settle for that if it makes the software work.

I was telling someone at the restaurant about yesterday and I didn’t realize it until then but yesterday was one of the “Super Lightning Bonus Rounds” that I used to get frequently. It speaks well that it’s been so long since one happened that I didn’t recognize it as such.

That reminds me that I have to visit my cousin’s grave and see if they finally have a headstone up there. I’m overdue and I really do want to visit her more than once a year. Besides I think I’ll leave Halloween for my other cousin who puts pumpkins on her grave that day every year. Let that be his time - I’m content enough to not take up that time.

I really need to get out of the rat race. I’d love to live a crafter’s existence but I’m not there yet. And I likely have a long way to go before I get there. I’m insanely jealous of my friends that have managed to carve out a life for themselves making things or working from a home business. Someday...


I’m doing it again. That “someday” is the wrong way to look at the situation. I need to be looking at “today” for doing those things. I can’t wait any more. The longer I delay in those things the later I’ll get started. The later I get started the less time I’ll have to get going and do it. I need to stop delaying that action.

Speaking of crafts my wife and I picked up a couple of huge glass gems from a craft place when we were visiting my mother up north. We thought they were blue ones but when we got them home they turned out to be light purple. I am debating asking my mother to pick up a few more of them and shipping them to us but they are fairly heavy - about 2 pounds a piece - and shipping them would be problematic. I may just send my mother $50 and ask her to pick up four of them. I can always find someone to give the others to.

Less worn out today than yesterday but I think I’ll still try and get some sleep early tonight after I pick up my daughter.

Need to finish setting up the two sets of surround-sound speakers both in the bedroom and in the living room upstairs. The ones in the living room are small so they shouldn’t be too much trouble but the ones in the bedroom are fairly large so I will likely have to hang them on the wall. Fortunately they are also fairly light. Either way the solution is the same for both sets - a couple of hangers in the wall. In fact I can use the picture hangers which leave less of a hole and easily support the weight of those speakers.

Watched some anime music videos with our housemate last night and that re-awakened the spark to do those. And since I’ll have to buy a large drive to back up my iMac before bringing it in for service there’s no excuse for me not to export all my anime in a form I can cut up and use to make AMVs. And I still have quite a list of them that I want to do. As always though the problem is time.

Time always seems to be the problem...
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