nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Blobs of green and yellow...

August 21, 2007 11:08 AM

Still raining and storming here in the midwest. Frankly though while it annoys me that I can’t ride my bike to work we do need the kind of rain we’re getting. It’s a soaking rain not just downpours and that means the ground will be well saturated for the rest of the growing season. Provided we don’t have a draught the rest of it that is.

Gotta feel sorry for the people getting hit by tropical storm Dean. That thing is a Category 5 storm right now so it’s wreaking all over. May the Goddess keep them safe.

Listened to the mining company say it was giving up on the trapped miners and heard someone on the news say that no miner in US has ever been rescued after a week of time. The only thought that comes to mind is “What about miners elsewhere in the world?”. My gut feel is that the mining company has been told not to spend more money even if it provides closure for the families of the miners. But that’s just a gut feeling.

Posted the one tipi sketch I made the other day on my Deviant Art account. I’ll add the link to it later as I’m on a slow connection while at lunch. (They haven’t gotten their wifi installed yet.) I hope I can find the other sketchbooks so I can post more of the things I’ve drawn... ( )

Got about two weeks before friends arrive to stay for the weekend. That means we need to work overtime cleaning up the house. It’s not really dirty just cluttered with clothes at the moment. My wife is still making progress and says she’ll have it done before they arrive. I know one thing though - I’m not going to accept shoving it all into the bedroom and hiding it there. We need to get all this stuff in order for many many reasons.

Found out yesterday that I am in need of a region-free DVD player. I might just use my Graphite iBook for that since it’s currently region-free. That would save me the cost of buying one from somewhere. Though honestly I might do that anyway and just buy an upscaling one that handles other things as well as being region-free. They’re still fairly expensive though and I’m cheap sometimes... ;-)

A lean week for us this week. Frankly we spent too much and that happens far too often. And we’re both at fault. I need to start resisting the urge to buy certain things and more importantly _think_ before I buy. For instance I once again picked up a few used books from Amazon that were about a $1 each or so but shipping added up to quite a bit thus the whole order was around $30 for 5 books. Not bad deal regardless but it’s still more than I wanted to spend and I should have cut the order back when I saw it going that direction. My fault entirely and while that’s not too common it is a good example of the kind of things that happen when I don’t pay attention.

And as anybody who actually voted in the last two elections bad things happen when you aren’t paying attention...
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