nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

In the dark...

August 22, 2007 11:33 AM

...literally. The power was out all over the place today - including when I got to work today. Worse yet it was sprinkling this morning so I didn’t take the bike and now it’s nice and sunny out. Bah!

At least I got out of the house early enough this morning. Much good that did me.

The topper is that I forgot my cell phone today and am going to have to either have to wait until I get home to post this or stop at some place that has wifi.

Some days just stay in the dark despite the sunshine...

Several bags of old clothes left the house this morning to be donated. Yay! There’s still more that need to go but four bags is a good start.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a drive to back up my iMac on this weekend. That’s a lot of outright cash but I can’t take the system to the Apple Store without backing it up.

But honestly though - besides one app which steadfastly refuses to be registered - the MacBook is making for a wonder desktop replacement for me. It does everything the G5 iMac did with the exception of not having so many peripherals plugged into it. Frankly some of those peripherals will be moved over to the G4 Sawtooth because they will be used for the audio editing and some video editing. I will likely move my copy of Final Cut Express over to this machine and buy a new copy for the G5 imac when I can afford one. Supposedly they’ve changed Final Cut Express enough so that it’s a new learning curve. *rolls eyes*

Along with the rest of the house I will likely tackle my workspace this weekend. I need to be able to get to my soldering iron and the G4 Sawtooth so I can finish among other things the stereo amp for the bike. I also need to start prototyping some of the things I’ve got written down to see what kind of problems I’m going to have with them.

That reminds me...the B&W G3 is still sitting under the desk in that room. I need to get that moved to my daughter’s desk and replace her old Dell system with. That runs Tiger so it shouldn’t have too much trouble with anything provided I increase the RAM in it. And I can always upgrade it or swap it for a G4 at a later date. Those are getting awfully cheap. I think I saw another G4 Sawtooth for $65 on the Low End Mac swap list.

That brings up another thought. If I plan for it I could always replace my Sawtooth with a Mac Mini and then my daughter would be running a G4. But that’s a minimum of about $600 not including software. It might be a worthwhile investment. In fact it could be a worthwhile investment to spend that money on my daughter instead. Let’s see...a Mac Mini with a superdrive will cost around $700, add in $200 for Windows XP Professional, another $120 for a good 17“ LCD monitor, and that comes to a whopping $1020 for a new system for my daughter. Bootcamp would allow her to run Windows and OSX on the same system and we could always buy Parallels later on.

That’s a lot of money but it makes sense for my daughter. Sounds like a plan...

But for right now I’ll start her out with the G3. That should be more than enough for her right now. And there are plenty of educational programs for it that she can use. I really need to get a list of the programs they use at her school. I know for a fact that some of the stuff they use if available for both Mac and PC. More research is definitely needed...
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