nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Busy busy week so far...

August 23, 2007 11:16 AM

Got a whole bunch of things to do at home still before our friends arrive next (?) weekend. Got to finish the one living room as well as get some of my server issues under control. (The one Cobalt RAQ that I re-loaded yesterday has decided not to respond today. Not sure what that’s all about but I’ll take care of it when I get home.)

Couldn’t get the one Cobalt Qube 2700 loaded today. The manual Debian load won’t boot and the damn thing doesn’t have a serial console to see what the hell is going on. I did find a PCI serial card on E-Bay that claims it can be set to default legacy ports and works in DOS. If that’s truly the case the Qube 2700 might be able to netboot from the standard NetBSD 1.6.1 install CD. If that works then the system will effectively be a RAQ1 in operation and I won’t have to worry about not having console access on it. Have to wait and see.

Forgot my cell phone again today. With my iMac down the charger for that phone is now in another room from where I use my Macbook and thus I forget it in the morning after putting it on the charger for the night. Maybe I’ll temporarily plug the charger into an outlet in the living room until I get my iMac fixed.

Need to really mow, trim, and weed this weekend. I also need to get some battery acid for my dad’s motorcycle battery because that is the reason it’s not keeping a charge. It really _was_ empty despite what people were telling me so now I have to get acid to refill it. No biggie as that’s not too expensive. Once that’s done and I can confirm the battery is good I can get the bike back to him. It should run fine after that. Then all he needs to spend for is tires, plates, and insurance.

Finally got the one recalcitrant program that wouldn’t register finally working. Much thanks go out to J Nozzi at Bartas Technologies who patiently worked with me trying to figure out why my Macbook wouldn’t register the software. (Turned out not to be his software but the registration engine itself so no fault of his in the end.) He was more than patient and very polite about the whole thing. If you do any writing and use a Mac I highly recommend his software CopyWrite.

For some reason I’m damn tired today. A little more tired than usual. Not sure why. I think it might be the constant nightly/morning storms all this week. They keep me up at night, make my drive to work in the morning problematic, and prevent me from riding the bike to/from work. Thankfully it’s supposed to clear up this weekend so I’ll be able to ride then.

Already spent money today. I bought a region-free DVD player off of E-Bay as well as a couple of other parts I needed. I should reign that back but there’s a bunch of stuff I need to buy now while I can afford it so when we’re scrimping I’ll have all the parts and tools I need to get things done. Or at least that’s my excuse anyway. ;-)

I’m debating making my Macbook my primary desktop even once the iMac is fixed. Not sure about that. On one hand the iMac is a little better for doing certain things but on the other hand it’s definitely not portable. I’m also a little concerned about plugging all the peripherals I have into the Macbook even though they should all be fine. There something to be said for copying all the data off the iMac, getting it repaired, then re-loading it for my daughter. She wouldn’t be able to use Windows apps but it would certainly be fast enough and there are more than enough things I could load on it to help her out. And works just as well on a Mac as it does on a PC.

Like I said, I’ll have to think about it. I seem to have a great many things to think about lately and very little time to think...
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