nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A little of this a little of that...

August 24, 2007 11:05 AM

So we’re being battered by storms here in the Midwest and it’s taking its toll. There are a lot of places without power but thankfully not my office. For the moment... ;-)

My life is becoming more complicated each day. The universe seems to see fit to give me more responsibility without me wanting it. But of course that seems to the one of the ways this universe operates. It’s almost like it senses that you don’t have an active challenge then gives you the next one that it knows you can handle.

And that’s odd too... The universe seems to give you challenges that you think are impossible at first sight but then if you stick with it and work them you grow in some way to solve them. And honestly I welcome that growth! I just wish it wouldn’t come so fast at times...

Conversely I’m saddened when I don’t see people grow. They let each challenge pass without so much as even acting on them and in the end the universe has dumbed down everything around them to a level that they can handle. Which is often a subsistence only life. They don’t have any luxuries or any room to move. They’re trapped unless they take on a challenge.

And I don’t rightly know why people don’t take those challenges on - the ones at the bottom that is. It’s almost like they aren’t awake at all. They follow every easy path that’s given to them without thought as to where it will lead. They don’t think. And worst of all, and this is what I pity about them, they don’t dream because even dreaming of something better is a challenge. Dreaming of something requires a push from inside, improve something in their lives. To not be able to dream is a great sadness...

There are so many things in the universe to dream about. Dreams of traveling the world! Dreams of traveling the cosmos! Whirlwind romances, righteous battles, quiet peace for all, money, power, fame, a great garden, a simple beach, too many dreams to name!

Even those among us that would do harm have dreams! Dreams of conquest, dreams of death, dreams of mayhem, dreams of pain... But at least they have dreams! Twisted though they are they are still dreams and still better than those that sleep without...

I would take a dream of pain over not dreaming at all. Every. Time.

Why? Because at least a dream of pain tells you that you are alive. That you exist. And as long as you exist there’s a chance to take on a challenge and grow. And to grow...means grander dreams... ;-)

To not dream is a great tragedy and should not be permitted in this universe. Everyone should have _something_ to dream of. _Something_ to reach for.

I don’t know if anyone reads these and frankly I don’t care but I will ask this of any unknown eyes that reach these words - Dream. Dream of _something_. Dream and reach and grow.

Because the more people that dream the more people that grow. And the more people that grow the bigger we get. And the bigger we get the grander our dreams become.

Imagine what grand dreams we’ll have when we grow beyond just this little island in space...
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