nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Hope this week goes better...

August 27, 2007 11:01 AM

The rain seems to have abated for this week at least so I’m back riding the bike again. Other than riding by a dead skunk this morning that’s a good thing. I missed riding a lot even for that two weeks.

I’m very proud of my wife. The last couple of weeks she’s really hammered at cleaning out her clothes - 5 bags already went to Goodwill and she’s got about 8 more for Purple Hearts this week. Pretty soon she’ll have all that stuff organized in the bedroom and things will be easy for both of us to take care of.

Our housemate mowed yesterday but we didn’t do much else as it’s likely to rain again here really soon. Regardless I’ll do lawn work again on Friday so it’ll still get done.

Looks like we’re finally getting on top of stuff. That’s a good thing.

I still have my office and the garage to go through but I’m not quite there yet. Our housemate was grousing a bit about the fact that I was up to the line in the center of the garage but quite honestly one half _is_ mine to use as I see fit. My plan is to get the space where my metro-racking is cleaned out and move the workbench and the Suzuki over there so I can work on it during the winter and still get my lawn tractor with the plow blade out. My running bike will be moved up front along with the metro racking which will hold my boat stuff and misc. tools. The one dresser is going to be replaced with an actual toolbox before winter hits. Thinking about just putting the one overhead/hutch I have in there outside with the other one. I don’t think I’m ever going to use it and I have another in the house.

According to our housemate this is a good time for me to get my boat out on the one lake because they are currently running “no wake” all the time. I might just take him up on that idea so I can test using the gas motor. Have to empty and refill the tank because it’s old mix in there but I’d have to do that anyway.

Going to try and return my dad’s bike to him on Friday now that I found out his battery is just in need of some acid. I’ll likely be putting that into it tonight and charging it up. Once I’m sure it’s charging and usable I’ll return the bike to him. It runs well enough now that he could use it once he plates it and insures it.

Anyway there’s lots of stuff to do. I need to get more of the colored magazine/book bins for my daughter’s room. She knew immediately where to put her books away when I put those in there so if I get more of them they will likely help her become much more organized. I’ll also probably have to get her another box for her toys. I may get rid of the large toybox that’s under the one set of shelves and replace it with two clear totes so she can see what’s in there. I will probably cull some of her “younger” toys too but I’ll have to do that when she’s not around.

Once my wife is finished cleaning her part of things I’ll start organizing some of the other stuff. There’s a lot of her papers and books that could be put into those travel-style filing containers - the ones with the handles on the top. That will allow her to better organize what she’s got and keep it contained. I’ll probably have to buy them in several different colors so she can color-code them. Of course I’ll involve her in all steps of the process. It’s unfortunate that we don’t have the space for a filing cabinet or lateral file because those would likely be perfect for what she wants. I’ll have to think on what I can do in that area...
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