nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Insert banjo music here...

August 30, 2007 11:15 AM

This week has been kind of like “Dueling Banjos” in that it started out slow and will peak sometime on Friday while I clean my little heart out just in case our guests for this weekend show up.

Eight bags went to Vietnam Veterans today. Eight bags! Woot! My wife did a great job culling clothes. There’s still quite a bit to clean out but a good majority of it is gone. (Though there’s still a bunch of clothes in the center of the kitchen which I need to mop and scrub tomorrow.)

So tomorrow after taking my daughter to my in-laws I have to:

Organize the house.
Clean the house.
Sweep the deck.
Fix my father’s motorcycle.
Return my father’s motorcycle.
Organize the garage.
Clean the garage.
Grocery shopping.

I can get started on some of that today and I likely won’t get all of that done tomorrow but I will probably get at least half of that list done. I need to list it all regardless otherwise I’ll forget.

In fact the first 6 are the most important. The rest can be done over the weekend if I choose.

I’m going to have to return to my usual schedule of working Sundays and being off on Wednesdays. I’m behind in getting things done and part of the reason is not taking that midweek day off. My wife doesn’t like me working on weekends but it’s an almost unavoidable consequence of the job I have and will likely not change all that much in the future until I get an underling at work.

My bike is currently down. The speedometer broke on the way home the other day. The actual spring in the mechanical speedometer broke - I checked and the cable and gear are fine. So it cost me $66+ dollars on E-Bay to get another gauge cluster shipped to me but until it arrives I can’t really ride the bike. :-(

Have to remember to go out and get some more of the inexpensive sorting boxes for the papers and things that are currently cluttering the living room. Maybe I’ll use the sorting boxes for my daughter’s stuff and use the tower of drawers/bins for my wife’s papers. That might make more sense.

Also have to hook up the new DVD player. Not sure of the quality but it supposedly plays mp3s, mpeg4, and DivX as well as karaoke. (Not that I’m planning on using that feature any time soon.)

Some of my anime hasn’t come in yet. I’m getting a little frustrated buying stuff on E-Bay because some of it is from sellers overseas and takes a long time to get here. Not to mention requiring a signature regardless of what it is. Not too much of a problem if a person is not required to be there to deliver but sometimes they check that little box that won’t allow the shipper to release the package without a person being present. That’s annoying for obvious reasons...
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