nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A fat-assed weekend...

September 10, 2007 11:13 AM

WTF?? I don’t know what was in the air this weekend but everybody in the house basically sat on their asses. And weirder still that’s the same thing I’ve heard from other people too. Strange...

I got a few minor things done but nothing big. I’m taking Wednesday off again so I can do my usual cleaning and hopefully get to the yard. Due to extreme inertia problems this weekend I didn’t get to fixing my lawn tractor so I’ll have to wait patiently for our housemate to mow with his or use the push sweeper, then the push mower, then the push sweeper again. This is all provided it doesn’t rain again.

The transplanted magnolia tree and day lilies are looking good. They seem to have taken well but I will continue watering them until fall just to be safe. (On days it doesn’t rain heavily that is.)

Need to start a batch of stuffed peppers tonight. I’ve been eating poorly for the last few months and it shows so when we went grocery shopping I bought a bunch of vegetables including green peppers and onions to make stuffed peppers. That should at least get me started eating healthy again. The big problem is that I’m driving the truck lately because my speedometer gear broke on the bike. It’s far too easy to drive through somewhere when I’m on the way home. :-(

Making progress in the garage. I threw out a number of things this last garbage cycle but I need to clean a little more. I’d like to throw out the one overhead but I think it belongs to our housemate’s father. I’ll have to talk to him about it. Maybe it can go inside somewhere. In fact if it’s his father’s then is should go inside where the other things of his father’s are stored.

I don’t want to but I’m going to have to talk to him about kicking in something for electricity. It’s our largest bill by quite a big margin and this month it’s $271 total - for one month.

I’m not complaining about the size of the bill really because we’re pretty much geeks in that house and we use a lot of computers. Many of them running 24x7. Add in central air conditioning and the size makes sense. But having him chip in $75 would put me below $200 out of my pocket and would make things quite a bit easier on my finances.

I _HATE_ talking to people about money. Especially if it’s a friend I’m asking for money from. It’s one of my weakest areas because it makes me feel corrupt when I ask about it. Frankly it makes me feel a little like a mobster and I don’t like feeling that way so I’ll do my best to weasel out of it if I can. I can’t in this case and it annoys me a little. :-(

My creative side is stuck and I can’t seem to get it moving again. I haven’t written anything creative or drawn anything or produced any lyrics for quite some time now. One small sketch is about all I’ve done. I think the machine is eating the artist again...
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