nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Back on track a little...

September 11, 2007 11:08 AM

Nobody in our house wanted to get out of bed today. I left late without a shower or brushed hair. (I smell horrible despite deodorant so I’m hiding in my cube all day at work.) Similarly my wife and daughter both were late today as well. Just one of those mornings where you don’t want to get out of bed.

It didn’t help that it was drizzling on the way to work today either. It’s one thing to be raining outright but cold drizzly grayness is so nasty...

Learning more about VMS. I managed to get the new drive into the Vaxstation 4000/60 and OpenVMS 7.3 loaded onto it. I’m having trouble getting around in the filesystem as well as configuring my basic services but some good friends are helping me out thank goodness! I don’t think they know how much I appreciate that.

The VMS stuff actually is pretty painless to get loaded and configured once you know where to go. My biggest headache at the moment is the same one most people have with VMS - licensing. For some reason I can start up the TCPIP services and the ftp and telnet services but it’s disallowing a login on the telnet side of things due to license issues. No biggie. Since this is a non-commercial install I can get a license pack from HP that should clear up the problem.

VMS is strange. There’s a song there to the tune of “People are strange” but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to writing it.

What else is strange are the things that indicate the change in the seasons. For instance at the restaurant where I take lunch every day I get something with fruit as a side dish. In spring that fruit includes mostly cantaloupe and not much else. During summer it slowly starts to include honeydew melon and then strawberries and finally pineapple. Eventually the strawberries and pineapple disappear and are replaced by grapes and it is fall. In Winter the honeydew starts to disappear and the grapes become more numerous. Eventually the grapes almost disappear and the cycle repeats anew.

The signs of the seasons are all around us in many many different forms. I’m always amused by the people that say “When the heck did winter/summer/fall/spring sneak up on us?”.

Strangely I find that those are also the people who seem to be more or less awake depending on the season. You know the type. During spring they are all bubbly with enthusiasm, during summer they are doing everything they can at a feverish pitch, during fall they start to slow down, and during winter they do almost nothing. I don’t know where that comes from because as far as we know humans have never hibernated yet these people do almost that.

I try and stay active one way or another during all the seasons. Spring is for doing stuff outside, walks in the rain, clean and fresh air, new life. Summer is for running, gardening, boating, fishing, riding. Fall is for fixing and mending, cleaning up, stocking up, quiet gatherings of people in the home. Winter is for anything that keeps the mind active if not the body; for good books and quiet nights and hobby projects inside the house where it’s warm.

I’m not saying that everyone follows those things - I’m sure that almost everybody will give different answers when asked - but those are what I do and how I see the seasons.

The last week or so there have been grapes in the bowl. I’m running out of time this year...
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