nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The Shadow knows...

September 17, 2007 11:08 AM

Listened to WPR’s Old Time Radio Drama show last night and they had among other things an episode of The Shadow. It’s cool to listen to that stuff because while it has less sophistication than some of the things out there now it has considerably better quality in production. At least in my opinion anyway. What they lacked in our current technology they made up for with good writing and well planned suspense. And sometimes I think that’s missing from the TV shows today. Again, just my opinion.

Got a good portion of the garage cleaned out yesterday. Put some of the things in the shed since I made some space in there but overall I got rid of quite a few things yesterday. That left me enough space to work on all four vehicles in there - my bike, my dad’s bike, my lawn tractor, and eventually my other bike. Once I return my dad’s bike to him I’ll have even more space in there. (He wants me to check out a few more things for him before I return it.)

Anyway I got that cleaned up yesterday for the most part. I’ll likely take my boat out one time here before the season ends so I can get used to the gas motor. The big thing to get done though is replace the speedometer gear on my current ride because I fully intend to ride that thing until first snow.

I have to get the lawn tractor fixed before then though because it’s currently the only thing that has a plow on it and I’m not really interested in shoveling the driveway. Looking at an 18HP Briggs & Stratton “V” engine on E-Bay that is locally available for pickup. If it stays low then I might just buy the one engine and swap it out for the one that’s not working. Have to wait and see.

I might apply for lost title on the Suzuki and put it out For Sale. I don’t want to but it’s going to take a lot of work to get it into ridable condition. Of course if I get my dad’s bike back to him before winter then I’ll have the room to work on that bike and I’ll be able to have it ridable before next summer. (Money to do so is of course a totally separate subject.)

Things are getting cleaner in the house. I managed to de-cruft the kitchen quite a bit but there’s still stuff in the living room. If it sits there much longer I’ll likely buy a bunch of totes and separate it all out. Two of the totes already there are books that need homes. Very important books like my complete set of Popular Mechanic’s encyclopedia with all sorts of projects in them that are hard to find elsewhere. (Things like making your own blast furnace and similar things.) I really need to scan those in to preserve the data.

Managed to finally spray most of the back grassy area with Spectracide to kill a lot of that grass back there. Now all I need to do is go get landscape fabric and mulch before it gets too cold to finish that project. The stupid sycamore tree, or whatever it is, next door has been dropping its leaves early and making a mess of the yard. :-( Now I’ve got leaves to rake out of the flowerbeds again. Bah!

Things are getting better around there but they’re still not where they should be. We need to do better. For many many reasons...
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