nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Arrrr! Pirates be gone for this year!

September 20, 2007 11:08 AM

Talk Like a Pirate Day was yesterday and I had a little fun with people in the online forums and such. Arrr! ;-)

We really should have that sort of fun in life on a daily basis. It makes people much more relaxed and much better at coming up with creative solutions to problems. And what we _don’t_ need in this world is _less_ creativity. We’re already short on that in many many areas...

There are many many people in this world that would like other people below them to work themselves to death for their benefit. I’m not one of those people and I won’t do that. As I’ve said before I’m done “living to work”.

Those things aside we all seem to be consistently be left with less time every day than we had the day before. That to me is unacceptable because it eventually leads to having _no_ time. How people think that’s a good idea is beyond me.

Despite what people think there is still a nasty unemployment situation out there. So if there are so many people unemployed why won’t companies spend to train those people to bolster the ranks? I’d much rather train someone to do a good job from scratch. Someone who’s grateful for the position and is willing to work.

My gut feeling is that the answer is money. Outsourcing has become quite the rage over the years now but if you look closely at it you’ll find that it hasn’t worked. In fact I do believe there was a recent article about a foreign company who actually outsourced to the US!

If that sort of thing is happening it means our economy is in serious trouble despite what the Bubble-2.0 people say.

There are so many people out there that are willing to work. Willing to take a job that will pay their bills and work hard at it. Unfortunately there are several problems right now with our country:

1) We have an over-inflated sense of our own egos. A lot of Americans think that they’re too good to take that janitorial job even if it pays the bills. My grandfather once told my mother: “Never be afraid of getting your hands dirty. There will always be a job for someone willing to get their hands dirty.” And you know what ? He’s still right even today.

2) A lot of employers are not willing to pay what people need to survive. Period. In the case of small businesses it’s because they don’t have the profit margin usually to pay a living wage. And governmental mandate for minimum wage will not make money appear from out of nowhere if the business doesn’t have it in the budget in the first place. Inflation in society or a high cost of living can not be avoided if you want that employee to work for you so you have to compensate. Unfortunately there are plenty of examples of employers who refuse to do so.

3) Many large corporations are unwilling to pass an increase in profits down to their employees. This is hit or miss on many companies but is often very visible when it happens. Notably you’ll find that the employees often respond in kind by producing a horrible product. Treat your employees well and they’ll work hard for you.

4) The government has made it easy for large corporations to abuse the law and profit by it. There’s no other way to say it and this is plainly visible to anybody who reads the news from more than one source. The government is supposedly by the people and for the people. Corporations in and of themselves and NOT people in my book.

5) The educational system in this country, and many others, is designed to indoctrinate _NOT_ educate. Sit down and talk to an older teacher some time. We’re dumbing down our educational system and thus dumbing down the people coming out of it. And too many of them already have other obstacles to overcome - they don’t need the stumbling block that a bad education produces.

6) The government no longer seems to be run by the will of the people - only a few persons. Witness the last two elections and our current war as an example. People don’t want the war but _still_ people are dying every day over there.

There’s tons of other things wrong and the list above is just a few random ones out of the mix. Freedom of speech is a lost freedom that comes readily to mind. (This is especially true for those of us that work for corporations or the government. You fear living in poverty so you watch what you say or else your paycheck may include a pink slip or, in the case of the government, you may be carted off to a nameless location without trial.)

Even now I worry about the words I write. If I offend one nameless person out there who just happens to be in a position to cause me problems I’m stuck. No one should ever have fear of speaking their mind. Ever. Even less so when it’s on their own pages, in their own forums, or in a public place.

Yet we fear to speak up lest we lose our positions and end up with nothing. That my friends is “Nero’s Fiddle” from what I can see. The minute we stop standing up for ourselves then we’ve acknowledged that these are fully the latter days of Rome and all we need care for is our bread and circuses.

If that’s truly the case I’m saddened because it’s the end of a country I hold dear to my heart. My birthplace will be a source of shame to me rather than a source of pride. And that my friends hurts quite a bit...
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